Android 11

After successfully launching the Android 10 this year, Google is now planning and working for Android 11. This will be the 11th generation of the Android series. Android 10 came with Privacy, dark mode, New Notification System and foldable support. But here the question popup in our mind that what we can expect from Android 11?

Releasing Date

Google always tries to satisfy its user and in his regard, Google is working on Android 11. Android 11 will be a new version of android. Here the point is when Google with launch Android 11 officially?. Usually, in April of every year, Google organizes its Google I/O event in California and Mount View. On that event different android devices, new gadgets and Google developments are shown. Android 10 also introduced during an event in 2019. And we are sure that in April 2020, Google will introduce Android 11 and release its features in Google I/O event.

Important Features

As we think that in Android 11 many extraordinary features will be seen. But the only feature we will see in the upcoming Android 11 is ‘Scoped Storage’.This feature is the same as an antivirus software that removes extra files automatically. It will clean the extra files and viruses. In Android 10 these features had been expected but due to some inconveniences, this feature had not included in android 11. Much feedbacks about ‘Scoped Storage’ has been published on many Portals. So many chances, that Google will include this feature in Android 11. Moreover, we are expecting the below features also that could come in Android 11.

Dark Theme Improvements

Drak mode is the name of reducing eye strain, mental stress, and battery drain. The person who is using a mobile needs to take care of his eyes. When IOS 13 has launched, the dark theme was introduced on that version. That had increased the market value of IOS 13 baes mobiles and Tablets. Now Google has to introduce this feature in this update. If Google also releases the Dark Theme feature, this will trend the Android 11 based mobiles and other devices. Moreover, the dark themes will also help to reduce the battery used in unwanted applications.

Smart Reply And Chat Bubble

Like in Facebook messenger when somebody messages you see a chat bubble and you can easily reply to anybody. That is just in some applications. But now this chat bubble option and feature of smart reply are going to introduce in Android 11. I am sure that this feature will add a great impact on Android 11 based mobiles and other devices. I am sure that this feature will increase the demand for Android 11 based mobiles and other devices.

Android Beam

Google tried to introduce an android beam option in Android 10. But they failed due to some reasons. But in Android 11 this was expected that the android beam will be add in this version. This feature provides easy sharing of data from one mobile to another. So this is quite a unique feature which we will see in the Android 11 version.


Back To Home Screen Support

At the start of 2019 when Android 10 came, the feature of Back to screen worked fine. But if a person has opened many tabs he had to clicked back to the home screen option many times but in Android 11 this option will be updated. When a user clicks on the option he will automatically redirect on Home Screen.

Wireless ADB

Wireless adapters are necessary for every mobile. As it is used for input and output logs, entering in command shell and Sideloading APK,s, etc. Google is now planning to add the Wireless ADB option in the developer option. It allows the pairing of devices over scanning the QR code and entering 4 digit pin code


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