How To Earn Money Online

How to earn Money Online. You are familiar with this sentence that this is an era of online earning. Many people usually talk around us that they are earning thousands of dollars by working just 4-5 hours a day on the Internet. But a question is popping in your mind that how to earn online money, so it is true that anyone can earn money on the Internet. There are many portals which are providing the facility to earn online. Yes, I am talking about YouTube, Facebook, Websites, and Bloggers. These are few portals on which by creating content for these portals you can earn online money. However, there are many other ways like content creating, graphic designing, online surveys, digital marketing, blogging, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), video editing, software development, application development, and website development. But after our experiences here we compile the top 10 legit ways by which you can learn how to earn money online.


Youtube is becoming a very powerful source of online earning. Many people are making thousands of dollars by making content for YouTube. Big YouTube channels like
T-Series and Set India etc are earning millions of dollars from YouTube. You can earn money from YouTube by making content for it. For example, if you are a good painter so you can make videos about painting. If you are a good actor or comedian so you can make awesome videos. If your voice is good you can make music videos for YouTube but you just need to find your talent. You will be successful on YouTube soon if you are following your talent and passion. First, you need to recognize that in which category you are interested either you are a good musician or you are something else. Then make good content for YouTube and keep uploading videos regularly you will surely get a success one day. When your video will be watched by people Google will run ads on your videos and when your viewers will visit the ads you will be rewarded for that. The rule of YouTube is that they take 45% and give 55% to their creators. YouTube can prove to be very helpful if you want to earn money.

2. Websites

Websites are also the best way to earn money online and this is the most powerful source of earning. People are earning thousands of dollars from websites. You are reading this article if 1000 people come in this article so I can earn up to 15$ so that is the power of a website. For website you need to buy a domain and hosting then when you will publish regular articles on your website and do a proper SEO of article and If any on your article rank on the first page of Google so thousands of people will visit your site daily so I know that this question will pop up in your mind that suppose 1000 people will come to your article so how you will earn money so when your articles are according to Google Adsense Policies so They will run ads on your website pages and your article so when people click on that ads you will get rewarded. Website earning is easier if you are a good article writer. The trending niche for websites is fashion, technology, music, movies, and home decoration. But we suggest you choose that niche in which you are interested or you have some experience in that niche.

3. Blogging

Blogging is also a good source of online earning. Blogging is the same as websites but websites are quite difficult but blogging is so easy. You have to write few blogs on regular basis about your favorite niche and similarly, Google will run ads on your blogs and when you will get some visitors on your blog you will be rewarded by Google Adsense. Blogging is so much easy that you can do blogging as a part-time job. You need to write a least one blog daily about any of your favorite niches and when you will do off-page SEO, you will automatically get much traffic ass your website will rank on the 1st page of Google. Blogging is much easy. More efforts you will more successful you will become so keep starting blogging now according to your passion.

4. Freelancing

Freelancing is another way of Online earning. Freelancing means that you follow your talent and do a job for any company at online portals. Suppose if an owner of a café wants to change his hotel logo then he will surely search on Google for a logo designer and suppose if you are a logo designer and you are looking for a client for work and there are many platforms on which seller and clients can contact with each other. The few platforms are Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour and many more. On these platforms clients and sellers contact each other and do their dealings. But for that, you need a skill. It does not matter what skill you have. It just matters how much you are experienced in your skill. On these platforms, you can sell everything like if you are a content creator, graphic designer, video editor, singer, technician, software developer, app developer, web developer and many more. You can sell these services on these websites.

4. Facebook

Facebook is also another source of online earning. At facebook online earning is very easy. You just need to make a page on facebook and then you need to upload daily 20-30 regular posts on the facebook page. Surely if your one post gets more reach you will get many likes on your facebook page and after that when you will get 10000 likes and3 sec watch time with 30k viewers you will get your monetization on. Then if you will publish your video and if this video gets more views on facebook page you will earn a much amount on facebook. So this is a very easy source to earn online money b just using facebook. When you will get more likes on facebook page different companies will contact you to sponsor them and they will give you a high amount and also give you many other opportunities. So facebook is very easy to earn money online

5. Instagram

Instagram is also a big source of online earning. Officially Instagram does not have any online earning system but many people are making thousands of the dollar by using Instagram. People who have blog or website are getting thousands of traffic from Instagram daily and when their traffic click on ads which are running by Google Adsense on their websites or blogs they earn money and their earning is in thousand dollars. Moreover, Instagram has launched its new app last year which named IG Tv on this app you can upload your content like on YouTube and in return you can earn money on IG Tv app also but IG Tv does not have a great earning system if we compare It with YouTube

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social media application and also a great source to earn online. By using Pinterest we can generate up to 10k plus traffic on our website and most of the people from the USA are using Pinterest and when you will get mainly traffic from the USA surely your earning will be very good as your CPC will be very good. You just need to make a business account on Pinterest and you need to customize your account and then when you will write an article for your website or blog so you need to design a pin about your article. After designing your pin you need to upload this pin on Pinterest with the best title, description and along with article link. So then people who will reach on your that pin which you have uploaded they will visit your article by a link that you have attached with a pin before upload. Mainly people who are getting traffic from Pinterest are usually of the USA, UK and Russia and Google Adsense had declared it that these countries have high CPC, so start work on Pinterest also.

7. Social Media Services

People are making thousands of dollars by providing social media services. So I know that a question is popping in your mind that what are social media services? So many people in the market provide Facebook likes, YouTube subscribers, TikTok followers, Web site traffic and many more services. So how people provide these services. They use many sites from which they take help few sites are like4like, add me fast and like4nation. This website exchanges different services as Facebook page likes, YouTube subscribers, Website traffic, Instagram followers, Twitter followers and much by using these websites, you can provide these services on freelancing sites on Fiverr, upwork and people per hour or on facebook as there are many groups on facebook about freelancing.

8. 3rd Party Selling

This method is also another method to earn thousands of dollars in a month.3rd Party Selling means that you can work for two parties either for a seller or for the client. Suppose if one person needs a school management software then you search for seller of this software and if you find that seller you need to tell him that you would like to do work with him and will help in his software selling then suppose a client is giving 500$ for that software and seller of that software agrees to sell you in 300$ for that software so your remaining profit is 200$ and it is very high amount in very low time. I have earned more than 500$ in 2 months but my passion and profession is website development.

9. Online Surveys

Online surveys are also the best way to earn money. I hope that this question is popping in your mind that what are online surveys and how you can earn money from this. So many companies want to know the taste of their customers, therefore, those companies take surveys from their customers. Traditional surveys and online surveys are two types. In online surveys, many companies give surprises to the survey winners and in return, the company gets a lot of promotion of its product. But you need to find a legit survey website as there have many fake websites that are offering paid surveys by using those sites your precious time and money will be lost. So beware of these fake and scam websites. Always find a trusted site at which you believe that it can give you money and for checking the site trust you can search for that site on different social media platforms.

10. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also a great source to earn online. It includes many things mainly it includes product and network marketing. There are many methods of digital marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), content marketing, social media marketing-commerce marketing, social media optimization, and direct email marketing. Many companies want marketing of their products so by using the methods of digital marketing you can take the project of marketing of the product from any company and you can do digital marketing easily. You just need to search it on YouTube. I am sure that you will find a piece of great information there. So digital marketing is a powerful source of online money. But things you need is patience in your work and keep on doing, you will get success one day.



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