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Top 10 Social Media Applications In 2020.

Top 10 Social Media Applications In 2020.
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Social Media Applications

Social Media has great power nowadays. Different social media applications are coming every year but some of them are unique and great applications to use in 2020. We have researched it and then compile the list of top 10 Social media Applications in 2020.


TikTok is a number 1 social media application to use in 2019 and we are sure about it that it will also a number 1 social media application to use in 2020. The reason for becoming the number 1 social media application is that it is a very time-consuming application if you have spare time you can spend that time watching entertaining videos and many creators on TikTok are doing extreme efforts for their followers that they will be entertained in future also. That’s why the reason why TikTok is a number 1 application to use in 2020


Pinterest is the largest growing social media Application. It has been downloaded by almost 300 million users. Pinterest is also the largest source to get traffic for the website. But Many people use Pinterest to upload their pins relating to all topics including education, technology, crafts, art, fitness, beauty, and many other categories. Another reason that Pinterest growing rapidly is it’s easy layout. Many People find this application simple and easy to use that’s why this application is becoming more famous day by day and we are sure this will be the second most famous application to use in 2020.

Snap Chat

Snapchat is also a rapidly growing social media application and this application has a lot of features like you can make funny animated videos, you can make stories and also you can use this application for your social profile. Snapchat completes it’s 1 billion downloads in September and according to the survey it will be downloaded by 200 million-plus users in 2020. The reason for the rapid growth of Snapchat application is its fantastic design and its extraordinary features which will make this application the most used social media application in 2020. Snapchat is also advertising its application on YouTube, Facebook, and Websites, And we are sure that Snapchat will be the most using social media application in 2020.


Facebook is a great social media application. I know that you are thinking that why we put Facebook at 4th number because Facebook was not updating good features from many months so due to this reason Facebook lose its rating in 2019. But Mark Zuckerberg told that in 2020 facebook will be updated with hundred of new features and we are sure about it that Facebook will be the great social media application to use in 2020. Facebook will increase it’s video quality in it’s a new update which will expect to be released in 2020. After this update, people will find facebook a convenient source of conversation.


Instagram is being used by 1 billion users and in 2020 Instagram will release a new update that would prove to be very convenient for Instagram users. No doubt, Instagram was a best social media application from 5 years but in 2020 this application will get more 300 million downloads as it is releasing many updates which prove to be helpful for users that’s why in 2020 it will be a great social media application and it will get many users in 2020. Instagram provides people to create their amazing stories and then share on Instagram so this application has great features to connect the whole world.

Likee – Formerly Like Video

Likee is also the fastest-growing application in 2019. it has almost 200 million downloads and during a survey, it is come to know that this application will cross 500 million next year. This application is a little bit the same to TikTok but in this application, you will find more features than TikTok.Most of the creators are the same for Likee and TikTok.Likee application is an entertaining as well as editing application on which you can edit videos for memory or you can upload also after editing. Likee and Bigo live are the property of a single company. Both these applications will be great social media applications to use in 2020.

Sony Liv

Sony Liv is also becoming an Application to use most in 2020. Basically Sony Liv is Indian TV Channel Application and it was powered by Mr. Soni who was the founder of Sony Television Company Limited they have channel on YouTube also with more than 50 million subscribers but now they don’t upload their videos to their channel, However they have created their application named Sony Liv and on this application you will find movies,dramas and live sports so this is being used by 200 million-plus users but in a survey it is come to know that in 2020 it will be downloaded by more 200 million users so according to this survey Sony Liv is a first Live streaming Application of all time.


This application has been installed by 500 million-plus users. On Netflix, you can watch or download any movie in HD quality. You will find all the movies here. Like Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Punjabi movies and Hindi movies here. It is an entertaining application as no application except than this has been created on which you find all stuff relating to movies. It is come to know in a survey that in 2020 it will complete it’s 1 billion downloads and I will then become the number 1 movie downloading platform. Netflix is advertising its application on Youtube, Facebook, and Websites. They are spending Million of dollars on their advertisement. That’s the reason for success or Netflix.


Skype is a live video chatting application it has the same features as WhatsApp but Skype video calling cannot compare with any application because you are in any corner of the world you can talk to your family members without low-quality video. Rather It provides you a great mode for video chatting. This application has been downloaded by 1200 million people and in 2020 it will complete it’s 2 billion downloads. Skype is a video calling application and It compares to IMO Live chatting Application but Skype has more features than Imo Video chatting Application.


WhatsApp is a first application used for fast texting and video calling in the world. It has no ads and it is more convenient than other social media applications. Whatsapp is famous for it’s secure chatting that WhatsApp gives surety that this application has two way chatting that only a sender and receiver can read the chat. Whatsapp has it’s 2 billion downloads but you will be shocked to know that in a survey it is come to know that it will be downloaded by 2 billion more people in 2020 because WhatsApp is releasing their beta features in 2020. So that update will attract billion of users to use WhatsApp and then it will be at the number 1 social media application to use in 2020.



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