Huawei Honor Band 4

Huawei Honor Band 4. Watches are the choice of people a decade ago, but nowadays bands and smartwatches are in great demand. There have been made thousands of companies that are manufacturing the bands and smartwatches. Some of the famous companies are Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Infinix. However, Infinix is a Chinese brand but it is fastly growing brand this year. Honor has always tried to satisfy its customers with unique ideas and great service and if we talk about honor bands, the name of Huawei Honor band 4 will come to our minds. We have also a band and in this article, we tried to share my experiences of 2 months with this watch Huawei Honor Band 4.


These bands come in good packing. It is packed in a sky blue color box. First, you will see a charger and then a data cable to charge your watch. The watch is in the glass box. You will also see a guide but it is in the Chinese language so you can skip this guide.

Honor band 4 Box


The main features of this band are given below;

  • Mobile Notification System
  • 7 different workout options
  • Sleep Monitoring System
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Steps counter
  • Distance travel
  • Calorie Measurement
  • Phone Tracker
  • Timer and a few more…


First of all, to start this band you need to connect this band to your Huawei Health app which you need to download from PlayStore.After connection this band at the end of the day will share all your details including heart rate, distance traveled the whole day, steps cover and few more with you and will send the complete information Huawei Health application. So that is a simple process you can search about it on YouTube.

Screen Wallpapers

Honor band 4 has 4 different screen wallpapers. All wallpapers are good looking but here you will not find any opportunity to customized or change these backgrounds.

Mobile Notification System

As I have already mentioned that you need to connect this band to Huawei health application. SO if this band is in range of Bluetooth connection to mobile so this band will receive the notification for messages, calls and another application. SO this feature adds a shining look to this product.

Phone Tracker

If your phone is connected to this band so when your phone is not finding so just go to the setting of this band and you will see there a Find Phone option. When you will click on that option. Your phone will be ringing loudly and by that voice, you can easily find your phone.

Timer And Stopwatch

Moreover, this band has an option of Timer and Stopwatch that is needed for any event. Suppose you are in a football match and there you obviously need a stopwatch. So that band will also help you in that case.

Work Out Features

Now If you want to work out in Gym or home and you need to measure distance or blood pressure. You will find 7 different workout features in this band.
The 7 workouts are;

  • Outdoor Run
  • Indoor Run
  • Outdoor walk
  • Outdoor cycle
  • Indoor cycle
  • Pool Swim
  • Free Training

So these 7 different workout helps you everywhere when you are doing the workout. That is another amazing feature of this band

Sleep Monitoring System

This band can also measure sleep timing. This band has sensors on its back. And these sensors sense the whole things of our body. And similarly, the sensors measure the sleep timing of the Person. And this function has increased the selling rate of Huawei Honor Band 4.

Heart Rate Measurement

This band can also measure the Blood Pressure Per minute. The sensor on the back of this band helps to monitor the heart rate correctly. In a survey, it is come to know that the best heart rate measuring band of 2019 is Honor Band 4. I am not saying that this band measures the heart rate accurately. However, to some extent, we can say that it is close to the original heart rate.

Steps Counter

Band also has a feature to measure the steps you covered the whole day. Actually research said that you need to walk at least 10000 steps a day. So this option helps you to see the steps you cover in a whole day.


The band is very necessary for your daily life, this band has a lot of features which will prove to be very beneficial for you. Moreover, this band will add a personality of you. Its weight is just 20 grams. It is like a pen on your hand and also it is water-resistant to 20 meters. Use this band It will give you many opportunities.



This brand has a lot of suppliers so prices vary with respect to the region but here I tried to mention the prices of different regions.

Pros & Cons

  • A nice piece of a smartwatch.
  • lightweight, bright, works great
  • The best band you’ll buy at this price range
  • Quality cost-effective alternative to FitBit
  • the battery lasts close to a week before charging
  • product language, and instructions
  • 2.0 out of 5 stars The Heart rate monitor


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