How to get website traffic from pinterest. Pinterest is the greatest social media application and has 300 million-plus users and in 2020 it will have 500 million-plus users and this application is rapidly growing from 2018. But nowadays people are using Pinterest to get maximum traffic for their website. Yes, this is true that you can get millions of website traffic monthly from Pinterest. But the question is how to get traffic from Pinterest? So we were researching on Pinterest and after 5 months of research, we are writing this article for you. So here in this article, you will find a complete and authentic way to get maximum traffic for your website.

Create An Account

  • Now here signup by using Gmail account as Gmail is more secure than Facebook.
  • After successful signup, you will be redirected to the dashboard of Pinterest.
  • Then it will ask your gender you need to select your gender.
  • Then it will ask you to pick your language and country/region you have to select them.
  • At last, it will ask you to select your top 5 interesting categories. I will suggest you choose those categories on which your website is based.
  • And that’s it you have successfully created your account.

Account Customisation

  • After you have created your account you need to upgrade your personal account to a business account and for that, you need to click on three dots at the top right corner and then you click on add account.
Converting Personal Account To Business Account
  • Then it will ask you for a business name write your business name after that select your business in the list of your own choice.
  • Then after clicking next, it will ask you for your email to write your email there.
  • After that, it will ask you for your website so give them your website link.
  • Then it will ask you for Would you ever be interested in running ads on Pinterest? so select the reasonable option from the list and then click on next.
  • All sets your account is now fully customized.

Logo Design

You need to create the best logo for your Pinterest profile so don’t waste your money to buy a logo just check out Canva to create a free logo or make your logo in Adobe Photoshop. This is very necessary for your account as a good logo attracts people.

Create Pins

Now the important work is to create pins for Pinterest. First, write an article on your website on any topic then make a flyer by using Canva or by Adobe Photoshop. Remember the pin you are going to create is matching with your article.

Keywords For Easy Ranking

Then before you publish pin on Pinterest you need to find relative keywords for your pin. Such keywords will help you to grow fast on Pinterest. When you will use good keywords for your pin your pin will trend in a few days and you will get a great audience on your Pinterest profile so the question is that from where you can find relative keywords so there are many websites that are providing services keywords. Yes, we are talking about Ahref, Moz, Keyword Tools, and SEO Tools Station. Search relating keywords from these sites and use those keywords in the pin description.

Trend Pin

This is our 7 months research on Pinterest that how your pin will trend in just 1 day. I hope no one will tell you this trick. When a pin gets its 100 saves in just 1 hour it ranks in just one day on the first search. So getting 100 pins is very easy you just need to visit like 4 like for more details. This website provides you an exchange of saves of any pin. You can search on YouTube about this. I am sure you will find a suitable video about this.


If you want website traffic we recommend you to choose Pinterest as if you will work hard on Pinterest I am sure that you will get maximum traffic from Pinterest. Use good keywords before uploading your pin. If you like this article please share it with your friends


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